What Young Scholars Need

Practical Assignments

By ‘practical work’ we mean tasks in which students observe or manipulate real objects or materials or they witness a teacher demonstration. By using different pedagogical approaches the same practical task can be used to achieve different learning outcomes.

Research Work

There are many different methodologies that can be used to conduct educational research. The type of methodology selected by a researcher emanates directly from the research question that is being asked. In addition, some of the differing techniques for conducting educational research

World Class Certification

Green Living Association offers research based practical activities for the young scholars demanding practical work to prepare them internationally. To recognize their efforts GLA offers to all participants the world class certification as their life long asset.

Focused Areas

Latest Activities

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Climate Quest

Significance of Climate Quest In the contemporary world the fossil fuels provide much of our energy, and in burning them we are liberating dangerous amounts of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere which is causing global warming and eventually climate change. There is now near universal agreement that this must be severely curtailed within the next

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Climate Quest – Guidebooks

Here you can find your category's guidebook to get support in attempting 'Climate Quest'. The category-wise Guidebooks have been developed in line with the learning potentials of Green Angels in their respective grades and the Supporters’ productive role in making them more comprehensible for the Green Angels.       Guidebook Category 1 Guidebook Category 2

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Climate Quest Prizes and Awards

Prize # 1 Abroad Study Trip or Rs. 100,000 Cash Prize for the Crown Green Angel (Top National Winner) Prize # 2  For Rest of the 3 Crown Green Angels – Laptops, the Crown Shields and Certificates Prize # 3  For 10 Star Green Angels LED Monitors or tablets (10 Prizes) along with the Star Shields and Certificates

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