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Green Solidarity Prizes and Awards 2022

In connection with Pakistan’s Platinum Jubilee Independence Celebrations, Green Living Pakistan sincerely announces the Green Solidarity Awards and Prizes, which will be awarded to the winning schools and networks after the results announcement of ‘My Green Community’ activity.

Green Solidarity Awards and Prizes are part of the Green Initiative Prizes Awards which are designed to bring exposure to the institutes and companies that have sincerely contributed to creating a patriotic, unified and greener Pakistani society. The first of the awards will be the Green Solidarity Award 2022, to be presented to the notable educational institutes in Pakistan, based on their commitment and innovation in providing unified, patriotic and environmentally friendly education in Pakistan.

As we have seen during the past few years that various educational institutes are notably contributing their part in developing younger generations into patriotic, responsible and unified adult citizens in the development of a unified and stronger Pakistani nation, we decided to recognize their outstanding contributions. Such recognitions are really significant not only to appreciate the remarkable positive work done by the institutions, but also to inspire more educational institutes, companies and organizations to contribute their parts in the development of a unified, patriotic and greener Pakistani society.

The Question of National Harmony

The Pakistani nation has great potential as kind and benevolent citizens, which it has proven time and time again. However, our society has split, over time, into many fragments in sect names, origins, languages, ethnicities and politics. Mutual intolerance based on these notions has led to social differentiation and disharmony, which is disintegrating the true spirit of a unified Pakistani nation.

The ethnic, regional, sectarian, linguistic and now political division causes a lack of national unity and produces differentiation among the citizens and costs the nation dearly in terms of patriotism, unity and harmony. Such a condition produces a kind of impiety and apathy among fellow citizens for the rest of the nation that actually weakens the nation’s ideological boundaries.

National Disharmony

National disharmony may manifest in forms of sectarian or ethnic prejudice and can lead to discrimination, extremism and injustice. It can leave burning scars or smoldering wounds in the minds of members of different communities in a society. It can keep the law and order situation in many towns and cities severely strained and can put the entire legislative, governmental, administrative and judicial machinery under great pressure and can give a strong feeling of insecurity to citizens. Social disharmony can destroy various constituents of a society and can cause a situation of constant conflict. Sometimes the deterioration of society is linked to intrinsic developments, but often it is a consequence of advancing psychological warfare waged by enemies to disintegrate our nation into many parts.

People grow up in a society with different values, including different sects, languages ​​and ethnicities, like the fragrance of flowers in a garden. It is important to keep the uniqueness of each individual integrated and make adjustments/permissions for more personal space and freedoms for differences in cultures, values, visions and viewpoints. The expression of unified actions for a greater national cause can be a promising initiative in building national harmony through the recognition of other cultures, different beliefs and traditions.

Pakistanis – A Living Nation

The Pakistani nation has proven itself to be a living nation time and time again, be it domestic disasters, foreign attacks, or global pandemics like COVID-19. It is remarkably significant that Pakistan has been named among seven countries by the WHO Director-General from which the world can learn about how to fight future pandemics.

During this huge global disaster Pakistani nation expressed that it can act to address a crisis like this, with our institutes, the Armed Forces and individuals taking collective measures and changing behaviours in response to the pandemic. When we work together, we can make a big difference to overcome huge challenges. 

Likewise, Pakistanis, seemingly separated into different segments, have always remained a unified nation whenever the nation faced calamity or natural disaster. When the 2010 floods plunged 20% of the nation underwater, the government was largely absent from action. However, the military services, doctors, housewives, students and many others immediately moved to the affected areas to provide assistance. Of course, many Pakistanis serve to the needy every day, and not just after humanitarian catastrophes.

Some of Pakistan’s first responders don’t bring relief or medical supplies, but inspiring words and campaigns that lift the nation’s spirits. Then there are those Pakistanis who use their rare gifts to benefit the country. The tragically short life of Arfa Karim, the teenage IT genius who provided computer training to the poor, is a shining example.

Remarkably notable are the educational institutes that are committed not only to providing advanced education in modern subjects, but also to developing our students as united, patriotic, and environmentally friendly grownup citizens. Also admirable are those who work under the most difficult conditions, yet still perform extraordinary deeds. Take officials and doctors, many of whom are very underpaid and overworked, and work in dangerous environments. One of Pakistan’s conundrums is how it manages to “fumble” despite its myriad of problems. The answer can be found in its people, who hold the country together. They are undoubtedly driven by patriotism, which runs deep despite the nation’s seeming divisions.

The Role to be played by Young People

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, young people around the world have proven their importance by contributing their roles in controlling the pandemic on an unprecedented scale, asking adults and leaders how to protect them and their fellow citizens from a global threat. By staying at home and doing their climate marches online, young people have shown solidarity with older members of society who are most vulnerable to the virus, helping to stop the spread. This remarkable role played by the younger generation has proven its wonderful strength to bring about positive change and this transformative force could be properly used to bring the nation’s solidarity, national harmony and the spirit of patriotism among all Pakistani segments.

This kind of intergenerational solidarity is what solves big problems. As the impact of national disharmony intensifies over time, it is the children and youth of today who will face its worst effects. Young people have proven their unified leadership strength in properly addressing a global challenge and they definitely have wonderful potential to address national issues of disintegration and disharmony. This is a time for children and youth in Pakistan to step forward and use their leadership skills and talk to elders to discuss the kind of Pakistani society we want to create.

Green Living Pakistan aims to inspire Pakistani students and their families to serve our nation by working creatively and collectively to successfully address our major national issues with a spirit of Patriotism and Proud Pakistanism. Our colorful and creative activities are focused not only to make our beloved homeland greener and cleaner, but also to develop among the participants a sense of patriotism, the spirit of being proud Pakistanis and the willingness to work together for the national cause.

At this historic landmark of our history, we seek to present the Green Solidarity Prizes and Awards to recognize outstanding educational institutes that have sincerely contributed to quality education in building a patriotic and greener Pakistani society.