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23rd March 2024 – Celebrating Pakistan Day

We, Pakistanis celebrate Pakistan Day on 23rd March every year across Pakistan with full zeal and fervour. We arrange events and activities to express unity of the entire nation in the making and development of our beloved homeland. Celebrating Pakistan Day is an expression of national unity and patriotism to fight any challenge to our national solidarity – collectively as a unified nation.

The History Behind Pakistan Resolution Day

We commemorate Pakistan Day since the time ‘The Lahore Resolution’ was passed by the working committee of All India Muslim League; the endorsement of the same was done by the mammoth congregation of Muslims on March 23rd, 1940 who were gathered there from all across the British India.

The Pakistan Resolution, actually, expressed the idea of the state of Pakistan. It is the text that was discussed and agreed by the leaders of all corners of Indian sub-continent under the leadership of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It is the document that can be referred as the father document” of Pakistan. ‘Minar-e-Pakistan’ is the most important national monument of our country, built exactly where the historic resolution was passed in 1940.

This long struggle brought a new emerging Muslim State on the world map in the shape of Pakistan. This day has the great historical significance and it reminds us that we are the united and patriotic people and we are the same who will make Pakistan an exemplary state in the world.

How We Celebrate Pakistan Day

Pakistani nation observes national holiday on March 23. Holiday celebrations include a full military and civil parade in the capital, Islamabad, to be held early in the morning. Many other governmental and non-governmental organizations and educational institutes organize activities, seminars and events to shed light on the history of this day. On March 23, Pakistan’s national flag is flown over government and public buildings. In Islamabad 31 and in provincial capitals, 21-gun salutes are fired. Another significant activity on this day is the changing of the guards at the mausoleums of the Poet of the East Allama Mohammad Iqbal and the Founder of the Nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. An award ceremony is organized where the president of Pakistan presents the military and civilian awards to recognize recipients’ great achievements and contributions to our beloved homeland.

On March 23, Pakistan Day festivals, national songs, Resolution Day speeches and debate competitions are featured throughout the day. Special prayers are offered in mosques, ceremonies, on TV and radio for peace and prosperity in Pakistan. To highlight the importance of this day, various programmes are organized by different institutions and organizations every year.

minar-e- pakistan

The Pakistan Minaret or Minar-e-Pakistan is a type of tower built in Iqbal Park Lahore to honour the Pakistan Resolution Day or Lahore Resolution 1940. Minar-e-Pakistan is built where Pakistan Resolution (Qarardad-e-Pakistan) was approved. This monument symbolizes with a big blooming flower and reflects the happiness of independence. People from Lahore and other areas of Pakistan especially gather here on March 23 to celebrate the historic day.

In the year 2023, Pakistanis are courageously fighting against various challenges, including economic crisis, rehabilitation of flood victims and ensuring national harmony. The passion of all segments of our nation to fight challenges as a unified nation is remarkable.

Green Living Pakistan is committed to the development of a Unified, Patriotic and Greener Pakistan. Let’s observe ‘Pakistan Day’ 2023 with a new pledge to play our part in making our beloved homeland Pakistan shine bright with the zeal and commitment of Patriotism and Proud Pakistanism.