Green Living Pakistan

Green Living Pakistan provides inclusive (value Based) education for students and their families, which makes the school’s curriculum comprehensive in developing growing students into well acquainted, responsible and patriotic personalities. We organized the 2023’s flagship activity ‘My Green Homeland’, focusing to teach responsible and patriotic living and therefore to bring green developments into participants lives, enabling them to develop our beloved homeland Pakistan into one of the greener and most successful countries in the world.

To make the activity colourful and fascinating, we announced attractive prizes and awards for participants which include 7 Cash Prizes for Crown Green Ambassadors, National & Town Winners Prizes, Gold & Silver Medals, Green Ambassadors’ Insignias and precious Certificate of Admiration for every Green Ambassador (the participant student).

The impact of ‘My Green Homeland’ on participating families is, however, much greater than just winning an award. The real reward is bringing green developments into our lives with the aim of developing our homes, campuses and societies as eco-friendly avenues in developing our beloved homeland Pakistan into a modern, developed and greener state.

In view of the exclusive benefits of ‘My Green Homeland’ for the participants, for school administration, the environment and our entire homeland, joining the activity proved highly signifcant. Besides winning valuable prizes, the participation remained a precious contribution to building our nation as a responsible, modern and environmentally friendly society.

Unique Features of ‘My Green Homeland’

Category 2 and 3 students and their supporters (family members) were to consult their guidebooks available on this website and respond to the MCQs in their worksheets and produce creative writing on the given subjects. Whereas 1st category students and their families required to submit climate related artwork and creative writing in their worksheets on the provided climate words. Such unique form of inclusive education makes ‘My Green Homeland’ an exclusive activity for the whole family.

This time we announced four cash prizes for the Crown Green Ambassadors (the top national winners). Besides Rs. 100,000 Cash Prize for the 1st Green Crown there were 3 more Green Crown Prizes of Rs. 10,000, (one for each category). Moreover, there were 20 Prizes for the National Winners, 40 Prizes for the Town Winners, and more than 50 prizes of Gold and Silver Medals. There were 60 Prizes of Green Ambassador Insignias and a precious Certificate of Admiration for every Green Ambassador (the participant student).

Why this approach is really significant

Pakistan is among the top ten countries in the world most at risk of climate change impacts. Common people are generally less aware of the effects of climate change, however, the increasing intensity of floods, heavy and premature monsoon rains, heat waves, urban flooding and sea storms in recent years have alarmed all Pakistanis about these increasing impacts. To boldly and appropriately address the climate impact, all Pakistanis must not only be aware of what is happening, but also contribute their part as patriotic citizens in transforming our beloved homeland, Pakistan, into a modern, greener and safer country.

Previously, our education system focused on a narrow range of children’s cognitive development, with an emphasis on imparting content knowledge, often to be memorized and repeated as it was received. Lessons in math, science and reading – and tests in those skills – dominated the curriculum.

Recently, we experienced a development in our education system, bringing an international curriculum and examination system that is connected across the world with its global recognition. The Cambridge based curriculum is comprehensive as it is prepared as per the needs of modern times by international educationists in order to enhance students’ hidden abilities. However, only the curricular discipline does not offer the development of an integral, connected and patriotic personality.

Children need to be exposed to more inclusive education in order to grow and learn in their relationships, identity, emotional understanding and responsibility as proud Pakistanis. After all, children are multidimensional “whole” beings whose development is complex and just focusing on developing them as more skilled personalities to earn maximum capital selfishly undermines their hidden potential to become more interactive, responsible and patriotic personalities.

Inclusive or Value Based education is based on a blend of curricular and extracurricular wisdom that nurtures a human ideal of enrichment in our material lives so that we can have successful and good lives, and simultaneously contribute to the core values that build the kinds of communities that benefit us all. These values are social care, responsibility and patriotism achieved through responsible living.

Green Living Pakistan organizes creative and research-based activities for school students and their families to develop them into patriotic, responsible and environment friendly citizens.