Green Living Pakistan

Our beloved homeland Pakistan is one of few countries in the world to have every kind of geological structure. The geography of Pakistan is a blend of landscapes. One can find plains, deserts, forests, hills, and plateaus. There are coastal areas along the Arabian Sea and mountains of the Karakoram Range in the north part of Pakistan. There are green and dry mountains full of minerals, land rich for cultivating, and world’s most beautiful waterfalls. Geologically Pakistan overlaps the Eurasian, Iranian, and Indian tectonic plates.

Despite having great natural potential Pakistan is gradually heading to critical issues of environmental degradation. Particularly, since 1990, environmental damage in Pakistan is becoming critical especially due to damages of terrestrial ecosystem, depletion of the natural resources, deforestation, desertification, soil and land erosion and water logging resulting in massive pollution and posing serious threats to human population along with a wide range of animal and plants species.

Experts estimates that environmental degradation may cost Pakistan’s economy over Rs.365 billion every year of which inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene accounts for Rs.112 billion, agricultural soil degradation Rs.70 billion, indoor pollution Rs.67 billion, urban air pollution Rs.65 billion, lead exposure Rs.45 billion and land degradation and deforestation Rs.6 billion. Some other  environmental experts believe that the environmental degradation cost must have increased beyond Rs.450 billion.

Pakistani nation has great potential as enthusiastic and patriotic citizens which it has proven many times over and over again. However, our society has divided, over the time, into many fragments in the names of sects, backgrounds, languages, ethnicity, politics and faiths. Intolerance towards one another on the basis of these notions has led to social differentiation and disharmony, which is disintegrating the true spirit of one unified Pakistani nation.

Green Living Pakistan is a subsidiary of Green Living Association which aims at strengthening Pakistani students and their families as patriotic and unified nation in order to successfully address the core environmental and societal challenges to our beloved homeland Pakistan. Our colourful and creative activities are focused not only to make our beloved homeland Greener and Cleaner but also to develop among the participants the sense of Patriotism, the spirit to be Proud Pakistani and a will to work jointly for a national cause.   

To keep its noble objectives intact and uninterrupted Green Living Pakistan, like Green Living Association, never accepts any kind of funding or donation from any local or outside resources. Our wonderful achievements since 2007 are solely dedicated to our in-house fund management and strictly curtailing the expenses without accepting a single rupee of support from any source outside the organization.  

By joining our green activities the students and their families learn about critical environmental challenges faced by our beloved homeland, and the planet at large, and to brainstorm the best initiatives to be taken by them and their fellow citizens to successfully address those as a unified and patriotic nation. Our projects and activities offer basic environmental and social concepts, especially how human activity has led to environmental degradation, and how our focused and unified action could effectively address this and other societal challenges. Such an inspiration developed by the participants has great potential of bringing impact in the lives of the young Green Ambassadors and their families in many ways.

Let’s join hand in making our beloved homeland Cleaner, Greener and Stronger.