Green Living Pakistan

1st Prize:

Rs. 100,000 Cash Prize and the Honour Shield

For the Crown Green Ambassador-1 (Top National Winner)

2nd Prize:

3 Prizes comprising Rs. 25,000 each and the Crown Shield

For each category’s Crown Green Ambassador (Top National Winner)

3rd Prize:

National Winners’ Prizes (National Winners’ Shields and Souvenirs)

For the Star Green Ambassadors (The Exceptional Performers at National Level)

4th Prize:

The Gold Medals for Bright Green Ambassadors

The Outstanding Performers at national level

5th Prize:

The Silver Medals for the Shining Green Ambassadors

The Prominent Performers at national level

6th Prize:

Green Stewards Insignia for Brilliant Green Ambassadors

Leading Performers at national level

7th Prize:

Green Ambassador’s Recognition Certificate

to Every Green Ambassador (Participating Student)

A Precious Certificate of Appreciation from Green Living Pakistan as a lifelong asset